Enfield Businesses Jellies


What is a Jelly?

Jellies started in NYC in February of 2006 when roommates realised they loved working from home, but they missed the creative brainstorming, sharing and camaraderie of a traditional office.

So they started inviting friends to work from their home one day a week. They soon found that working in close proximity to new and interesting people resulted in new ideas and interesting conversations.  Jelly was born (because they were eating jelly beans at the time!)

Emboldened by their early success, they made it a more regular thing.


Who can come to a Jelly?


We tend to run Jellies for businesses in the local area – but everyone is welcome.


When is the next one?

All the dates below are Thursdays and the Jellies are held at Trent Park Country Club from 10am to usually around 3pm – pop in for an hour or stay all day. FREE to attend – just buy your own coffee/tea/lunch at the bar.


Enfield Dates for 2018:

Thursday 11th January

Thursday 8th February

Thursday 8th March

Thursday 12th April

Thursday 10th May

Thursday 7th June

Thursday 12th July

Thursday 9th August

Thursday 13th September

Thursday 11th October

Thursday 8th November

Thursday 13th December